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What’s a Spoonerism?

Today I learned what a “spoonerism” is. It’s when the initial sounds of two words are switched, like “bear hug” and “hair bug”. Or “fence dog” and “dense fog”. So I made one. An illustrated one. Can you guess this spoonerism? Leave a comment with the answer! Here’s a hint, the final answer (the correct… Continue reading

A dream I had

I find a bird in my home. I pick it up gently, grasping its delicate legs in the palm of my hand. I want to find a more delightful place for this bird to spend time. I meander my home. It has no ceilings, only nets. I look for places with sunshine. The bird and… Continue reading

In Conversation with Aliens

There is a very strange habit on this planet. You see each of our species was born with a small amount of fur on the surface of our corporeal member. It extends from the highest point of our member to the very, very bottom, and its color varies between different sub-species groups. In some places,… Continue reading

Article in Groove Korea Magazine (II)

This was a light article I wrote earlier this year during the coldest part of winter for a magazine based in Seoul called Groove Korea. They asked me to put together five hot Korean dishes that are perfect for a cold day. Here’s what I came up with. TO SURVIVE THE COLD, TURN TO KOREA’S SOUL-WARMING CUISINE… Continue reading

Article in Groove Korea Magazine

I wrote this article back in November for a magazine called Groove Korea. It’s Korea’s largest English-language magazine, and I’ve become a sort of restaurant reviewer for them (I did this for a bit at home in California as well). I got in touch with them when I first moved here, and have since written… Continue reading