Ted Talk- Before I Die I Want To….


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I recently taught a lesson revolving around this video to a group class at my company. The class consisted of businessmen, grad students, etc. I had the students create bucket lists of their own. While most of their answers were among the usual for this sort of thing, there were a few surprises (perform the cello in front of family, become a master of :



Are bucket lists realistic endeavors?


Some of the items on mine include:

1. Road trip across the US (specifically through the south)

2. Write a novel

3. Participate in a flash mob…yes, yes it is on my bucket list


I’ve crossed off:

1. Have something I write be published

2. Live in a foreign country for a year (currently)


What’s on your bucket list? What have you crossed off?





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  1. Ben Tofig October 3, 2013 at 12:54 am

    Get ready Shireen; Tom Clancy died yesterday. His first novel was The Hunt for Red October where he created the character Jack Ryan and sold millions of copies.

    Now, it is your turn! Create a character Jackie Ryan who travels the world (include road trip thru southern US! too).  Nothing like a ninja but real world experience.

    My bucket:

    1) Get you to write more (novels, short stories, articles, journalist). 2) Go skiing all winter. 3) Find a way to bring a novice tennis student to 3.0 level in 10 hours! 4) Travel the world (Europe first) when you get back.

    Given up: 1) Learning a new language (memory defect). 2) Getting younger…such is life.



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