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I’ve found my new favorite spot in Floripa. It’s my own version of the Garden of Eden. I can’t get enough of it. Take a short bus ride to Barra de Lagoa, next door to my neighborhood, walk across the bridge and through the windy pathway of hostels and shops. The ocean guides you on… Continue reading

Brazilian Funk !

Some new music for your ears. Everyone dances outside their cars on the streets at night to this, doors open and stereo blasting. One of the cleanest videos I could find, too, the Brazilian booty is not a rumor! so boys, this one’s for you…..   [youtube=]

The First Week

Wow. I’m sorry to be lagging on the blogging, but I’ve been in Brazil for three weeks now and rarely have downtime. I guess that’s how it should be, right? I came as soon as Carnaval was starting…what a whirlwind of a week that was. Now all the craziness has been dying down, the tourists… Continue reading