In Conversation with Aliens

There is a very strange habit on this planet. You see each of our species was born with a small amount of fur on the surface of our corporeal member. It extends from the highest point of our member to the very, very bottom, and its color varies between different sub-species groups. In some places, for all members, there is more fur than others.

The fur is there for our protection. It covers vital organs as a barrier to external threats. Should something pass through the fur in certain areas, there could be dire consequences. Throughout the years, however, the fur became less vital to our species existence. We grew less and less of it as we were flung towards modernity, and as our society created other means of protection against disease. The fur lost its importance as a shield.

So we began to manipulate our fur. We decided that since we have it, we may as well use it to make us as attractive as possible to other members of our society. We changed its appearance to signal to others something appealing about ourselves, most often that we are good mates for producing offspring. For the tuft that resides atop our highest and most vital organ, we gave the utmost honor and different societal rules for the two halves of our species. For one half, we expect this tuft to be short, and for the other half, we expect it to grow long and extend down the figure. Members of this half who grow it especially long are often applauded, for it is a sign of good health. Should either half allow their fur to imitate the other, like a short-furred member growing long fur, they would be seen as different from the others, which some decide is a good thing and some decide is bad.

But for the Long Furs, there is an expectation that they should only have fur in the form of the aforementioned tuft, and not on the rest of their corporeal member. This expectation is unrealistic of course, because both halves of this society have an organ that secretes hormones that creates the fur. But somewhere along the way, it was decided that having too much corpse fur made the Long Furs unappealing, because it meant they were probably too much like the Short Furs. You see, the Short Furs dominate this planet. And they want their Long Furs to look as much like a Long Fur as possible, because it signals that they carry the most opposite genes to the Short Fur and therefore would create the healthiest offspring. So when a Long Fur has short fur atop her highest organ, it makes her look a Short Fur. It is believed that Short Furs should not mate with other Short Furs in this society, because they do not produce offspring together, and that is the believed sole-purpose of mating in this society. So Long Furs who have the longest head-fur are the most desired.

To remedy this expectation that Long Furs should have no fur upon their physical structure, they spend a large amount of time and resources to get rid of it. They consistently visit a fellow member of their species who is trained in fur-reduction. This member pours an extremely hot substance onto the Long Fur and pulls the fur violently from its root. It causes the Long Fur extreme pain, but the expectation that she should be fur-less forces her to continue the practice. The expectation is so engrained, that Long Furs even expect other Long Furs to have a fur-free corpse, and look down upon those who do not eliminate their fur. Of course, the fur continues to grow back, because it is a necessary part of their biology.

If a Long Fur has an especially large amount of resources to barter, she can see a special fur-reducer. This fur-reducer has access to a mechanism that is placed against the fur. Light emanates rapidly out of the mechanism, and destroys all fur in its path. It is also very painful, but the Long Fur sees her future of no fur and grits her teeth with determination. The chance of being fur-less after several of these light emanations is still not 100%, but she is willing to risk her resources and time in order to appear as Long Furry to the other members of her society. Fur is a large source of stress, embarrassment, and frustration for Long Furs.



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